The door gave me a safe place where I felt absolutely zero pressure to do or be anything I wasn’t. Years later and I still look back and come to you guys. You two will never truely know the impact you have had on me. You guys had me leave my comfort zone so many times, but in a way I felt safe to do so… if that makes sense ? Where if I failed it was okay. The doors a safe place, mentally, physically and spiritually.


Even though Im going to age out in a few months I’ve been going since i was 13. The door has made me so many close friends I still talk to. As well, [The Door] has helped me come out of my shell and not be so awkward in social situations. Plus I got to meet all the amazing people who run it and I have years of great memories under my belt that I will always cherish. Helping the homeless in project serve, meeting other youth centres at campfire, the 4 years of coming out of school and rushing to the door because it was always the highlight of my day. The door was a great experience and I’m seriously considering becoming a volunteer when I’m able to.


Collingwood YFC is a ministry of Highlands Youth for Christ